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Surgery of the spastic upper limb, which used to be considered mainly in severe deformities where other options had failed, has gained increased awareness over the recent years, as attested by the large international attendance at two recent Symposia (Paris, 2017 and Venice 2019). It is now recognized as a full part of the treatment options to improve deformities and function of the upper limb.

It involves all the anatomic regions and all the constituting tissues of the upper limb, amounting to a large variety of procedures, from skin plasties, nerve procedures, muscle releases, tendon lengthening and transfers, to joint releases and fusions, not to mention neurosurgical procedures.

This very first Master Class, which combines cadaver lab dissections and lectures, will allow the participants to practice these techniques themselves, and become familiar with their respective indications, under the guidance of experts in the field.

Welcome to Budapest !

Caroline Leclercq
Course Chair