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M01Cell culture and siRNA gene silencing
M02Automated RNA and DNA isolation from tissue-, cell- and blood samples, quantitative PCR techniques, quantitative array PCR, mutation discovery using High Resolution Melting Analysis
Roche Hungary Ltd (Hungary)
M03Laser microdissection, DNA and RNA isolation from laser microdissected samples, Affymetrix chip analysis
M04TMA: design, creation, analysis of its results using digital microscopy
3DHISTECH Ltd (Hungary)
M05Flow cytometry and cell separation
M06FISH on cells and tissue samples
M07mRNA exon and tiling array, CHIP-ON-CHIP techniques on Affymetrix system
Affymetrix UK Ltd (United Kingdom)
M08DNA sequencing, polymorphism analysis
M10Electrophoresis and 7 minutes blotting of Dynal magnetic beads isolated proteins
Csertex Ltd (Hungary)
M113D analysis of tissue sections with confocal and virtual microscope using fluorescent and conventional illumination
M12Fluorescence microscopy: static scanning-qualitative and quantitative
M14miRNA isolation, quality control and expression analysis in paraffin embedded samples
Kromat Ltd. (Hungary)
M15miRNA expression quantitative analysis in freshly frozen samples on the basis of in silico prediction
M16DNA methylation analysis in laser microdissected samples: bisulfite conversion and quantitative PCR
M17DNA mutation analysis by using PCR based techniques (SSCP, RFLP, allele specific PCR)
M18New options of cell separation with Miltényi MACS technique
Frank Diagnostics Ltd (Hungary)
M19Gene expression analysis using QIAGEN technology
Biomarker Ltd (Hungary)
M20Nucleic acid purification using QIAGEN BioRobot EZ1 instrument and whole genom amplification using QIAGEN REPLI-g kit
Biomarker Ltd (Hungary)
M21 X MAP Microbead multiplex array technology (Bioplex) is a perfect tool in genomics and in cytokine detection
Bio-Rad Ltd (Hungary)

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