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Array Technology
Isolation techniques
10.15-10.30 Biobank registers in Hungary
Vásárhelyi, Barna (Budapest, Hungary)
10.30-10.45 Cell cultures and their application opportunities
Kiss András (Budapest, Hungary)
10.45-11.00 Immunohistochemistry: from basics to recent potential
Krenács, Tibor (Budapest, Hungary)
11.00-11.15 A complete protein workflow: Magnetic bead based spearation, pre-cast gel electrophoresis and dry Western blot (iBlot) procedure in 7 minutes
Razga, Jakub (Paisley, United Kingdom)
11.15-11.30 Basics of fluorescence. New fluorescent markers in cytometry
Szöllõsi, János (Debrecen, Hungary)
11.30-11.45 Application of fluorescence energy transfer in flow and imaging cytometry
Nagy, Péter (Debrecen, Hungary)
11.45-12.00 Fluorescent microscopy: imaging and quantification
Varga, Viktor Sebestyén (Budapest, Hungary)
12.00-12.15 Tissue microarrays: from the planning until the evaluation
Krenács, Tibor (Budapest, Hungary)

Array Technology
Array techniques
8.30-8.50 Detection of phosphorylation events by flow cytometry
Lustyik, György (Debrecen, Hungary)
8.50-9.05 Application of imaging cytometry in cell biology and medicine
Bacsó, Zsolt Megyeri, Attila (Debrecen, Hungary)
9.05-9.20 Artificial chromosomes in gene therapy, 2007
Hadlaczky, Gyula (Szeged, Hungary)
9.20-9.40 Gene silencing in practice using Sigma Mission shRNA lentivirus
Csomós, Krisztián (Debrecen, Hungary)
9.40-10.00 A rational approach to microtubule targeted therapies in cancer based on functional genomic datasets
Swanton, Charles (London, United Kingdom)

Array techniques
10.20-10.40 Molecular cytogenetics in the oncological diagnostics: everydays and perspectives
Méhes, Gábor (Debrecen, Hungary)
10.40-11.00 Polychromatic and hyperchromatic immunfluorescence analysis
Tarnok, Attila (Leipzig, Germany)
11.00-11.20 The role of P.A.L.M. technology in modern microdissection
Nyaz, Yilmaz (Bernried, Germany)
11.20-11.40 Clinical application opportunity of Array-CGH
Balázs, Margit (Debrecen, Hungary)
11.40-12.00 New high throughput DNA sequencing techniques
Kovalszky, Ilona (Budapest, Hungary)
12.00-12.30 Array PCR applications: probe library, quantification, parallel measurements
Becságh, Péter (Budapest, Hungary)

Array Technology
Chip techniques
8.30-8.45 Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy for the evaluation of molecular interactions
Vereb, György (Debrecen, Hungary)
8.45-9.05 Identification of differentially methylated regions throughout the human genome by microarray
Rujan, Tamas (Berlin, Germany)
9.05-9.20 Evaluation of protein DNA interaction in whole genome approach by Chip-on-Chip techniques
Bálint, Laszlo Balint (Debrecen, Hungary)
9.20-9.40 Gene and exon array, the next generation for gene expression and alternative splicing detection
Lavisse, Philipp (Voyager, United Kingdom)
9.40-10.00 mRNA Expression array studies of low cell volume samples: the opportunities for mRNA amplification
Spisák, Sándor (Budapest, Hungary)

10.20-10.40 High throughput nanocapillary real-time PCR for gene expression analysis for drug discovery and patient profiling
Puskás, László (Szeged, Hungary)
10.40-11.00 Agilent applications besides expression array: miRNA, array CGH
Zalka, Anna (Budapest, Hungary)
11.00-11.20 Micro RNA expression profile determination and functional analysis
Szilassy, Dénes (Budapest, Hungary)
11.20-11.40 Clinical applications of expression chip analyses
Szûcs, Ferenc (Budapest, Hungary)
11.40-12.00 Integrative genomics and disease specific signal transduction analysis
Falus, András (Budapest, Hungary)
12.00-12.30 In silico miRNA experimental design
Igaz, Péter (Budapest, Hungary)
12.30-13.00 Learning microarrays from science and learning science from microarrays
Szallasi, Zoltan (Boston, MA, USA)

Gastro- enterology
10.15-10.45 Molecular basis of esophageal reflux build upon microarray studies
Ostrowski, Jerzy (Warsaw, Poland)
10.45-11.00 The molecular biology of Barrett esophagus
Máté, Miklós (Budapest, Hungary)
11.00-11.20 The diagnosis of early esophagus adenocarcinoma
Herszényi, László (Budapest, Hungary)
11.20-11.40 p53 expression and cell proliferation in the malignant transformation of Barrett's esophagus increases with histological progression
Hritz, István (Budapest, Hungary)
11.40-12.00 The pharmacogenomic background of PPI therapy and Helicobacter eradation
Müllner, Katalin (Budapest, Hungary)

14.00-14.20 Role of the microenvironment in cancer initiation and progression
Varro, Andrea (Liverpoool, United Kingdom)
14.20-14.40 Role of the cytokine and pathogen recognition receptors' genetic polymorphism in Helicobacter infection
Mándi, Yvette (Szeged, Hungary)
14.40-14.55 Helicobacter pylori resistance to macrolides: prevalence, mechanism, detection and clinical aspects
Tiszai, Andrea (Szeged, Hungary)
14.55-15.10 The application of molecular endoscopy in upper gastrointestinal tract diseases
Németh, Anna Mária (Budapest, Hungary)
15.10-15.20 Helicobacter pylori and antrum erosion specific gene expression patterns: the discriminative role of CXCL13 and VCAM1 transcripts
Galamb, Orsolya (Budapest, Hungary)
15.20-15.30 Genetic markers of gastric complications in uraemic patients: a sequencing array study
Szõke, Dominika (Budapest, Hungary)
15.30-15.40 Sequence analysis of c-kit gene in GIST - diagnostic and therapeutic consequences
Füle, Tibor - Sápi, Zoltán - Kovalszky, Ilona (Budapest, Hungary)

Colon I.
16.00-16.20 Stem cell theory of colorectal cancer and its connection with molecular biological data
Sipos, Ferenc (Budapest, Hungary)
16.20-16.40 Selenoprotein mRNA expression in human colonic mucosa
Molnár, Jeannette (Budapest, Hungary)
16.40-17.00 The importance of antiapoptotic signal transduction pathways
Peták, István (Budapest, Hungary)
17.00-17.20 Methylation markers of CRC development
Somorácz, Áron (Budapest, Hungary)

Gastro- enterology
Colon II.
8.30-8.45 The molecular biology of hereditary colorectal cancer
Papp, János - Oláh, Edit (Budapest, Hungary)
8.45-9.00 Microsatellite unstable colorectal tumors
Szentirmay, Zoltán (Budapest, Hungary)
9.00-9.20 Array expression analysis of colorectal cancer
Kruhoffer, Morgens (Aarhus, Danmark)
9.20-9.40 New gene expression markers of colorectal adenoma-dysplasia-carcinoma sequence
Galamb, Orsolya (Budapest)
9.40-10.00 Circulating tumor cells in colorectal cancer: analysis and clinical application
Albert, Winfried (Langenhagen, Germany)
Colon II.
10.20-10.40 Tissue microarray based classification of early and late stage colorectal cancer using optical and virtual microscopy
Sipos, Ferenc (Budapest, Hungary)
10.40-11.00 Comparative gene expression analysis in mouse models of sporadic and colitis associated colon cancers
Neufert, Clemens (Mainz, Germany)
11.00-11.20 Highly sensitive and specific detection of colorectal cancer (CRC) and adenoma in peripheral blood by mRNA expression chip technology: correlation to local biopsy expression data
Molnár, Béla (Budapest, Hungary)
11.20-11.40 Detection of progression markers of early and late stage colorectal cancer antibody microarrays
Spisák, Sándor (Budapest, Hungary)
11.40-12.00 Currently available genetic diagnostic methods in clinical practice of CRC (focus on fecal tests)
Tam, Beatrix (Szekszárd, Hungary)
12.00-12.20 Anti-EGFR-receptor antibody therapy in CRC
Sréter, Lídia (Budapest, Hungary)

14.00-14.30 Recent data of molecular pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel diseases
Chowers, Yehuda (Tel-Hashomer, Izrael)
14.30-14.45 Genetic background of inflammatory bowel diseases
Lakatos, László (Veszprém, Hungary)
14.45-15.00 Beta-genetic polymorphism in Crohn's disease
Mándi, Yvette (Szeged, Hungary)
15.00-15.10 The importance of molecular biology in IBD
Miheller, Pál (Budapest, Hungary)
15.10-15.20 The ATP-binding casette transporter ABCG2 (BCRP) and ABCB1 (MDR1) variants are not associated with disease susceptibility, disease phentype, response to medical therapy or need for surgey in Hungarian patients with inflammatory bowel diseases
Lakatos, Péter László(Budapest, Hungary)
15.20-15.30 mRNA expression array based diagnostics of IBD in colon biopsies and peripheral blood
Sipos, Ferenc (Budapest, Hungary)
15.30-15.40 Il23 receptor (IL23-R) gene protects against Crohn's diease in Hungarian patients
Lakatos, Péter László(Budapest, Hungary)
16.00-16.20 From molecular biology to biologicals in the therapy of pancreatic cancer
Büchler, Peter (München, Germany)
16.20-16.40 Genetics in pancreatic disease
Mayerle, Julia (Greifswald, Germany)
16.40-17.00 Isolation, culture and redifferentation of human epithelial salivary cells a step towards exocrine gland regeneration
Varga, Gábor (Budapest, Hungary)
17.00-17.20 The role of pancreatic ducts in acute pancreatitis
Hegyi, Péter (Szeged, Hungary)
17.20-17.40 CFTR gene transfer as a new therapeutical approach in pancreatic cystic fibrosis
Rakonczay, Zoltán (Szeged, Hungary)
17.40-18.00 Effect of Bile acids on ion conductances in native pancreatic duct cells
Gray, Mike (Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom)

Gastro- enterology
Stem cells, Celiac disease, Bowel diseases
8.30-8.45 Human membrane proteins and their alterations in the cell differentiation process
Sarkadi, Balázs (Budapest, Hungary)
8.45-9.00 Stem cell detection methods: a comparative analysis
Kappelmayer, János (Debrecen, Hungary)
9.00-9.15 Stem cells: from the features until the clinical applications
Andréka, Péter (Budapest, Hungary)
9.15-9.45 Molecular aspects of celiac disease
Sollid, Ludvig M. (Oslo, Norway)
9.45-10.00 Potential applications of novel basic research results in the diagnostics, prevention and treatment of coeliac disease
Juhász, Márk (Budapest, Hungary)
10.00-10.20 Tetramer visualisation of gut-homing gluten sensitive T-cells in the peripheral blood of celiac patients
Raki, Melinda (Oslo, Norway)
10.20-10.30 Extraintestinal manifestations of celiac disease
Zágoni, Tamás (Budapest, Hungary)
10.30-10.40 Application of molecular endoscopy in colorectal diseases
Bene, László(Budapest, Hungary)

10.55 - 12.35
10.55-11.15 Genotype phenotype relations in genetic liver diseases
Ferenci, Peter (Wien, Austria)
11.15-11.35 Molecular regulation of hepatobiliary transport systems in cholestatic and fatty liver disease
Trauner, Michael (Graz, Austria)
11.35-11.50 Wilson-disease and gene mutation of ATP7B in Hungary
Szalay, Ferenc (Budapest, Hungary)
11.50-12.05 Different TGF-1-induced extracellular matrix production in hepatic stellate cells versus myofibroblasts and the effect of Decorin
Firneisz, Gábor (Budapest, Hungary)
12.05-12.20 The molecular diagnostics as the basis of the therapy of hepatitis C
Gervain, Judit (Székesfehérvár, Hungary)
12.20-12.35 Metabolic diseases in pediatric hepatology
Szõnyi, László (Budapest, Hungary)

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