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Molecular gastroenterology
• Molecular biology of the Barrett oesophagus
• Molecular pathogenesis of the H. pylori infection
• Molecular background of the gastric and duodenal ulcer
• Pro and cons of the NSAID therapy in the gastrointestinal tract on molecular level
• Coeliac disease: molecular pathogenesis
• Molecular biology of the colorectal adenoma dysplasia sequence
• Molecular signatures of the colorectal cancer
• Colitis ulcerosa: molecular causes and targeted therapy
• Molecular biology of the Crohn's disease
• Stem cells in the stomach and colon
• Pharmacogenetics of the PPI therapy and H. pylori eradic ation
• Genetic factors of the biological therapy of the IBD
• Molecular aging in the gastrointestinal tract
• Selene and the colorectal cancer

Molecular and Array technology
• mRNA expression arrays
• protein expression arrays
• Bead array technology
• DNA sequencing arrays
• Methylated DNA ar rays
• Tissue microarrays
• SELDI/MALDI-MS array analysis techniques
• Application of paraffin blocks for array analysis
• mRNA, DNA amplification techniques(2000) for rare cell array applications
• Bioinformatics of ar ray analysis
• Signal transduction pathway analysis based on array studies
• Gene therapy protocols based on arrays study?
• Verification of array studies in cell cultures by siRNA, miRNA

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