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Zalakaros is located in the south-western part of Hungary amongst beautiful and tranquil settings. The area is surrounded by vineyards and fruit orchards, forests, grooves, gently sloping hills and fishing ponds all creating romantic atmosphere. The diverse region offers several bicycle and trekking routes to those, who would like to have an active holiday.

The tiniest city of Hungary gained fame by chance in 1967, when an oil prospect drilling resulted in a nearly 96ºC hot thermal spring coming up from 1000 meter. These circumstances provided the base of the re-introduction of the customs of the ancient Roman bath culture that once flourished in Pannonia. The certified medical water proved very effective in the treatment of chronic arthritis, chronic gynaecological, dental and rheumatic diseases, and prior to and after orthopaedic surgeries, neurosurgeries and operations.

In this small section of the Balaton Region several places of cultural and natural interest can be found within 50 km distance; the Little Balaton Natural Reserve, the archeological findings of Fenékpuszta from the Roman era, the bird ringing station, the buffaloo reserve of Kápolnapuszta, the outdoor village museums of Vörs and Galambok.

Besides the fascinating conditions, the hospitality and politeness of the locals makes your Zalakaros stay perfect. Hidden in the heart of Zalakaros, surrounded by a ‘Paradise garden’ the Hotel Karos Spa presents 221 room of the distinctive Spa Superior design and various offers to small and big families or individual guests.

All the different services of the Spa Medical and Health Center and the ‘Alma’ Spa-Wellness World – wellness, fitness, medical and Spa services – are available for the guest, who seeks leisure and regeneration.

In the island of perfect relaxation and pampering, at the Hotel Karos Spa everybody – adults and children as well – can forget the troubles and rushes of the world.
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