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Island at the tip of the peninsula - The island of peace and harmony Balaton, the largest shallow lake in Central Europe, was formed by tectonic sagging around 25.000 years ago. Tihanyi-félsziget (Tihany peninsula) divides the lake into two basins. The characteristic view of the Mediterranean lanscape was formed by volcanic europtions millions of year ago as shown today by two giant calderas. The remains of these craters form two little lakes, without outlet, higher than the water level of Balaton: Belsõ-tó, which is popular with anglers, and Külsõ-tó, a paradise for aquatic birds.

As a result of volcanic follow-up activity, thermal springs created more than one hundred geyser hills in the peninsula. The most beautiful one is called Aranyház (Golden House) after the golden lichen covering its rocks.

The ancient Tihany village was founded in the Middle Ages when King Andrew I. founded here in 1055 a burial-place for the royal family and built a monastery, where Benedictine monks were settled. The Abbey of Tihany was authorised in the 13th century to issue official deedsTihany is a jewel of not only the Balaton but also Hungary.

The peninsula worthily dazzles the tourists with its historical monuments, beautiful panorama, mediterranian climate, its flora and fauna.

The four star club, Club Tihany is situated on the top of the Tihany-peninsula that was declarated to be a national park in 1952. In the hotel and holiday centre complex lying on 13 hectares you can find all the ways that guarantee your great holiday.
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