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Amadio, Peter (Rochester, MN, USA)
Clinical and radiographic examination of the wrist
Scaphoid fractures and nonunions
Kienböck’s disease
Distal radius fractures and malunions
Flexor tendon repair at the wrist

Baek, Goo Hyun (Seoul, Korea)
Recent advances in idiopathic ulnar impaction syndrome
Nerves ( compression neuropathies) at the level of wrist
Extensor tendon repair at the wrist

Ceruso, Massimo (Firenze, Italy)
The rheumatoid wrist
Degenerative changes at the level of wrist

Garcia-Elias, Marc (Barcelona, Spain)
Wrist anatomy and biomechanics
Scapholunate dissociation
Lunotriquetral dissociation
DRUJ Instability

Foucher, Guy (Strasbourg, France)
Congenital malformations involving the wrist
Proximal row carpectomy and wrist denervation

Tonkin, Michael (Sydney, Australia)
Interaction between wrist and finger deformity in rheumatoid arthritis - pathomechanisms of deformity and management options
Wrist deformity in cerebral palsy
Reconstruction of wrist motion following peripheral nerve injury

Dohmeier, Joachim (Budapest, Hungary)
Silicon prostheses, prospects in prosthetics

Furka, Tibor (Debrecen, Hungary)
The role of hand surgeons in upper limb’s secondary osteoporotic fracture prevention. ECHO2006 International Osteoporosis Research Program

Magyar, Tamás (Budapest, Hungary)
The role of levofloxacin in soft-tissue infection

Nyárády, József (Pécs, Hungary)
Arteries and veins at the wrist

Renner, Antal (Budapest, Hungary)
Wrist arthrodesis versus wrist prosthesis after trauma
The septic wrist

Rôth, Erzsébet (Pécs, Hungary)
Developing skill and science – the role of experimental

Simonka, János Aurél (Szeged, Hungary)
Nerves (trauma and repair) at the wrist

Szabó, Zsolt (Miskolc, Hungary)
Soft tissue substitution (flaps) at the wrist
Tenosynovitis at the wrist level


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