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1100 Years in the Heart of Europe

The EMSOS Meetings will be hosted by the city of Budapest, the capital of the 1100 year old Hungary. Budapest is conveniently located in the heart of Europe. Hungary is said to be a small and beautiful like a treasure box with a rich culture, unique gastronomy, wines and provides memorable experiences. The hospitality of Hungarians is world renown.

"Pearl of the Danube"

Budapest's incomparable beauty (known also as the " Pearl of the Danube")
prompted UNESCO to place it on the World Heritage list. There are those who fall in love with the place at first sight and others who become devotees ot the city only after a long acquaintance, but on one thing all are agreed: this is one of the most beautifully situated cities in the world.

With the Danube River as its pulse, Budapest beats to a rythm of indomitable spirit cloaked in beauty and charm. And no wonder. The Hungarian capital is exquisitely laid out on both sides of the Danube, claiming one of the most spectacular panoramic views in all of Europe. On the Buda side of the river you can bear witness to its beauty from Castle Hill.

From there, the spires of Parliament and the Chain Bridge can be seen awash in golden light every evening. The buildings of Castle Hill:
the neo-Gothic Matthias Church, surrounded by quaint restored medieval homes on cobblestone streets, the imposing Royal Palace, which houses the National Gallery and its precious works of art; as well as the turreted Fishermens' Bastionthat rounds it all off.

A light stroll through the sights of Buda is perfectly complemented by the hus­tle and bustle of Pest. Glittering Váci utca (Vaci Street) offers up some ot the best shops in the city. Office build­ings, shopping malls and supermarkets are set in perfect harmony with the elegant St. Stephen's Basilica, as well as the sprawling Heroes' Square, bordered by the neo-classical Museum of Fine Arts and the beautiful Buda­pest Zoo.

For relaxation, Budapest also offers the best - such as the venerable Café Gerbeaud and the Café New York, grand icons of the days when the Habsburgs ruled the Austro-Hungarian Empire. And of course the selection of fine restaurants is unbeatable. Begin­ning with the international classic Gundel, to quaint local establishments. Perhaps the ultimate heaven is Margaret Island, a sanctuary of gar­dens, flower beds, manicured lawns and sports facilities in the middle of the Danube. No matter what you do by day, you should always be ready for Budapest by night: the Opera, con­certs at the Vigadó, theaters, casinos – the possibilities are endless

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