Call for Abstract

The Scientific Committee of CECON 2015 invites all participants wishing to contribute to the scientific program to submit an abstract of 350 words or less for presentation as a paper or poster. Abstracts must be submitted by the below deadline. Abstracts received after this date will not be considered.

Main topics

  • 01. Animal models in obesity research
  • 02. Energy balance, hunger and satiety
  • 03. Genes, environment, epigenetics of obesity
  • 04. Food chain safety
  • 05. Eating disorders
  • 06. Ageing and obesity
  • 07. Childhood obesity
  • 08. Prevention of obesity
  • 09. Prevalence of obesity and co-morbidities
  • 10. Recent instrumental diagnosis of obesity
  • 11. Clinical treatment in obesity related morbidities
  • 12. Nutrition, hydration, exercise therapy in obesity
  • 13. Sweeteners supported obesity management
  • 14. Exercise is medicine
  • 15. Psychological aspects, behavioural therapy of obesity
  • 16. Novel trends in pharmacotherapy
  • 17. Metabolic and bariatric surgery
  • 18. Endoluminal treatment for obesity
  • 19. Weight loss induced plastic surgery
  • 20. Personal, social and economic costs of obesity
  • 21. Obesity research, education and management within Central Europe


Abstract submission: Abstract submission for Hot Topic abstracts is still open until 1 September 2015
Notification to authors:    19 July 2015

Submission rules

  •  Abstracts must be submitted using the preformatted electronic form below
  •  All abstracts must be submitted in English.
  •  Please state your preference for oral or poster presentation or either option. (If either option: the Scientific Committee will decide on the presentation format.)
  •  The abstracts will be included in the Congress Proceedings, which will be distributed at the Congress.
The preformatted submission form is formatted as follows
Title: Entire title in capital letters without abbreviations.
Presenter: Entire title in capital letters without abbreviations.
Authors: Give your name without title or degrees, separate authors by a comma. The presenting author's name should be included here also. Authors not listed will be omitted from published materials.
Affiliation: Give each author's details (Department, Institution, City, Country)
Abstract body: The following steps should be used to prepare the abstract:
Purpose: Begin with a short statement of the purpose of the study.
Materials or Subjects Describe the materials or subjects examined.
Outcome Measures Describe the outcome measures relied upon.
Methods Follow with a concise description of how the project was performed.
Results When reporting the results, describe what has been learned, not what is hoped will be learned. The phrases "will be discussed" and "will be presented" are not acceptable.
Conclusions: End with a conclusion directly supported by the results data, pointing out the relevance and/or significance of the findings
Abstract Size The abstract should not exceed 350 words. No abstract with deferred outcome data will be considered. If data is to be presented, it must appear in the original abstract. Preference will be given to clinical outcome data based upon randomised controlled clinical trials.
Abstract type: Oral Authors will have 8 minutes for their presentations and 2 minutes for discussion
Poster Posters will be set up in a dedicated area and exposed throughout the congress, Interactive Poster sessions will take place at times specified in the program. The size of the posters should not exceed 0.8 m in width x 1.2 m in height
No preference Both oral or poster format are accepted by the author. The Scientific Committee will decide on final presentation format.

Abstract Submission

You will receive a password by e-mail for the abstract submission system when you register through the link below. You should provide your name and e-mail address to receive a password. Abstract submission is separate from registering for the meeting. Please take note of your login name and password. You will need them to re-enter the abstract submission system. Should you need help in using the abstract system please send a message to

Abstract submission is temporarily not available due to moving of the server to a new location. We need a couple of hours till we finish our work, so please come back later to submit your abstract.

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