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XVI. Semmelweis Symposium &
VI. Conference on Cell Analysis:

Molecular Gastroenterology, Cell Analysis, Array Technology

November 15-17., 2007
Semmelweis University

Within the frameworks of Semmelweis Symposium we kindly invite you to the Molecular Gastroenterology, Array Technology Conference. Besides presenting research and diagnostic methods in molecular biology, it is to thematically summarize the latest diagnostic and therapeutic results of gastroenterology related diseases providing and exploring a cause and effect explanation.

The venue of the Symposium provides an opportunity to reveal the revolutionary activity of our ancestors working at Semmelweis University. This way we can be part of a unique journey in history by presenting hidden treasures, introducing workplaces of the past, and meeting modern methods and results.

It is our honour to invite you to join us taking an active part of the past, the present and the future of medicine and gastroenterology and in the life of Semmelweis University.



Purpose of the
The purpose of the Molecular Gastroenterology, Array Technology Conference is to summarize and present the practical application possibilities of the revolutionary new methods and results of the past few years in cell analysis and molecular biology.

Therefore, the Conference Program will be compiled by state of the art presentations, hands-on demonstrations, posters presenting latest research results, commercial exhibition and journeys in the history in this field. Our lecturers will present the widest repertoire of molecular information, molecular biological and array methods. We will particularly emphasize how these methods contributed to the latest breakthrough results and findings in gastroenterology.

According to molecular biological results we have achieved a significant progress in the detection of gastroenterological diseases' background and in understanding its pathomechanism. At the same time, new therapies emerged (anti TNFalfa, VEGF, EGFR), whose targets were identified with the help of cell analysis, molecular biology and array technology. The Conference intends to summarize the new knowledge on main diseases of the gastroenterological tract and to introduce new aimed therapies in molecular biological context.

The venue and the date of the Conference also provide an opportunity to have a look from the future through the present to the past. We are going to organize a historical journey to introduce the famous characters, workplaces and instruments of our University's Inner Clinical Block.

We wish to keep this exemplary ambience showing strength and persistence organizing a banquet dinner in the Museum of Applied Arts. Among other achievements of Hungarian artists and notabilities, the musical and artistic performance of doctors of the present can make the Conference complete.

We encourage participation of every researcher, laboratory coworker and PhD student working in the field of gastroenterology, human or animal medicine.

We await students and colleagues of the University to get acquainted with this important part of our University, and to find strength and guidance in the historical and artistic background for the tough workdays.

At the end of the Conference, PhD students can take a closing exam. Those who participate in the practical demonstrations will receive further credit points.

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