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Following the traditions of the Advanced European Course on Hand Surgery organized by Professor Antal Renner in Budapest in 1995 and by Zsolt Szabó in the town of Lillafüred in 2001, with another 5 years having passed by, this time we would like to invite our friends and colleagues to another Advanced European Course on Hand Surgery.
The focus of the present Course will be on the wrist, but unconventionally, we shall discuss not only the anatomy, physiology, pathology and surgical treatment of its skeleton, but shall also cover all the anatomical structures of the wrist. We have been able to win over such world famous hand surgeons also for this particular event, who are the most well-known and most sought for speakers and clinicians in their particular areas of expertise. The unbelievable development of the appreciation, international evaluation and relations of the Hungarian Hand Surgery is confirmed by the fact that the most important past, present and future experts of IFSSH and FESSH will also visit us, thus contributing to our professional development, to the dynamic further development of our relations.
We do hope that hand surgeons of Hungary and of the neighbouring countries will take the opportunity to obtain the latest, most interesting information on this subject from the most knowledgeable experts in this field. During the programme, in addition to learning, the participants will have an opportunity to check the level of their knowledge, as the Course will be completed with a test examination, which, if passed successfully, will double the number of credit points necessary for our continuing professional training and development.
By running the social programmes in an unusual way, we also wish to leave the participants with unforgettable memories. These programmes will include an Opening Reception with serious money prizes and arts performances, as well as a Banquet Dinner organized as a training course in gastrology and wine tasting.
Hoping for a successful programme, we would like to invite all our kind colleagues to a little bit of science, a little bit of entertainment, a glass of great wine and a genuinely friendly meeting.

On behalf of the Hungarian Society for Surgery of the Hand:

Zsolt Szabó MD PhD
Scientific Organizer

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