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5th Interdisciplinary Training Course on Bronchology
Székesfehérvár, Hungary
2006-05-12 - 2006-05-13
  The aim of the workshop is to present the indications for EBUS, EBUS-TBNA and pleuroscopy and to discuss their place in the diagnostic armamentarium. Closely linked are the lectures and workshops on interventional bronchoscopy. Some of the most experienced doctors in this field will be gathered at the workshop to demonstrate their skills, and to share tips and tricks during live video transmitted procedures.
  EBUS-TBNA Endo-Bronchial UltraSound guided Trans-Bronchial Needle Aspiration is a new minimal invasive method, which enables real-time US guided sampling of tissue from the anterior and posterior mediastinum and the hilar regions.
  EBUS EndoBronchial Ultrasound with mini-probes allows reliable evaluation of the depth of invasion of a lung cancer lesion in the trachea, bronchi or peripheral lesions. Distinction between invasive and compressing processes is a key advantage of this method.
PLEUROSCOPY Pleuroscopy is a technique performed in local anaesthesia for diagnosis and treatment of pleural diseases, preferably diagnostic work-up of exsudative pleural effusions and treatment of malignant effusions by talc poudrage (pleurodesis). A new semid-rigid instrument with an optical system and shape similar to videobronchoscopes may contribute to a more widespread use of pleuroscopy.
INTERVENTIONAL BRONCHOSCOPY Anaesthesia, Ablation, Stenting and Foreign Body Removal as important tools for bronchoscopy.
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