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XXVIIth FIMS World Congress of Sports Medicine
is organized by

International Federation
of Sports Medicine
Hungarian Society
of Sports Medicine

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Prof. Dr. Eduardo Henrique De Rose
President of FIMS

The FIMS World Congress is the greatest scientific event of our Federation. It brings together, every four years, the leading sport physicians from all over the world, from more then 113 nations affiliated to our common cause: to promote the health of the elite and recreational athlete and also to increase the knowledge of the people that uses exercise to enhance quality of life.

The first FIMS World Congress of the millennium will be held in Budapest, and our friends and colleagues from Hungary are preparing an outstanding scientific event, in accordance of their traditions of excellent organizers and great hosts. It will be the 75thanniversary of FIMS and would be difficult to find a better city then Budapest to commemorate it, considering its traditions and history.

Besides an outstanding scientific, cultural and social program, the Council of Delegates will held a meeting just before the Congress to elect the FIMS new President ond Executive Board, an important changing of guard for new challenges and innovative actions in the contemporary society of the new century.

It is the 27th World Congress of Sports Medicine, a long tradition that started in Amsterdam, Holland, and I am proud as President of FIMS to invite the sport physicians and sport scientist of the five continents to attend it, to learn about the latest development in our field, to make new friends and to enjoy this beautiful country.

See you there in June 2002!

Dr. Viktor Orbán
Prime Minister of the Republic of Hungary

I welcome all members of the International Association of Sports Physicians with honour and respect. At the very beginning I must make a personal confession to you. There are people I owe a lot in my life, including members of my family, my friends and many of my colleagues. Similarly, I owe a lot to some careful sports physicians without the beneficial activities of whom I would not be able to play football, which is my favourite sport, and perhaps I would find it more difficult to cope with my work in the office too.

However, in addition to my personal experience I understand very well the importance of your work for older and younger generations alike. As you probably know, in Hungary thousands of people die in heart and vascular diseases in the prime of their life. Active exercise and sport have a very important role in the prevention of these diseases. Fortunately the majority of children and young people train and do some sport actively and hopefully more ond more people will feel the urge and have an opportunity to exercise regularly. Consequently, I think that the importance of the activities of sports physicians is growing in Hungary too because, apart from recovery, prevention, or rehabilitation, your activities are also aimed at therapy. We must all be grateful to you for that.

Therefore I am a true admirer of your difficult but beautiful profession. It is a great pleasure for me that the Hungarian sports physicians, who also enjoy my esteem, have been honoured with the organisation of the World Congress of Sports Physicians in 2002. I wish a lot of success in the work of the congress and that you return to your eager patients with many pleasant memories and good experience.

Prof. Dr. Róbert Frenkl
President of the Hungarian Society of Sports Medicine

It is difficult to express the great pleasure we feel in Hungary, primarily in the field of sports medicine, but also in the areas of general science and public sports opinion, at the decision to hold the 27th World Congress of Sports Medicine in 2002 in Budapest.

This pleasure is another manifestation of the buoyant, effervescent mood of the Hurgarian people, who are experiencing the transformation to a civil, democratic society, while simultaneously planning to host a Wide voriety of international scientific, artistic and sports events in the lead-up to the celebrations of Hungary's Millennium and its projected entry into the European Union. From the beginning, Hungarian Sports Medicine has participated in FIMS activities enthusiastically. At World Congresses we have regulary held lectures which have been important in keeping the international community of sports medicine practitioners informed concerning Hungarian sports physiology and sports medicine research.

From 1986 to 1994 we edited the FIMS official journal, „The World of Sports Medicine". At present three Hungarian members are also serving on FIMS committees. In addition, we co-operated in the establishment of the European Federation of Sports Medicine, and we continue to be actively involved in its work. We are convinced that those who took part in the 6th European Congress of Sports Medicine in 1991 in Budapest remember the success that the congress enjoyed and that they recommend the 2002 program to their colleagues. We are also sure that the same high standars will prevail at the next World Congress in Budapest, and that its success will spread throughout the intemational field of sports medicine. While for our part we will do everything in our power to ensure this success, we also count heavily on the enthusiastic, professional contributions of the congress participants.

We hope that sports physicians from all over the world will honour us by attending and actively participating in the congress in Budapest. And we promise that the days they spend here will be made even more memorable by our traditional Hungarian hospitality!

On behalf of the Hungarian sports physicians, I am very pleased to invite you to the FIMS World Congress of Sports Medicine in Budapest.

About FIMS


FIMS was born under the umbrella of the Olympic Games with the primary purpose of helping athletes to achieve optimal performance. The founders of FIMS organized the recognized the importance of medically oriented training and care for athletes and to improve the practice of medicine related to sports.

FIMS maintains its association with the Olympics and continues to grow as an international community of sports medicine specialists, researching and practicing the latest techniques in medicine for athletes and others who lead active lives. Its specific objectives are

  1. To promote the study and development of sports medicine throughout the world
  2. To preserve and improve the health of mankind through physical fitness and sports participation 
  3. To study scientifically the natural and pathological implications of physical training and sports participation 
  4. To organize or sponsor scientific meetings, courses, congresses, and exhibits on an international basis in the field of sports medicine 
  5. To cooperate with national and international organizations in sports medicine and related fields
  6. To publish scientific information in the field of sports medicine and in related subjects

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FIMS Executive Committee

Eduardo Henrique de Rose, MD, PhD
Secretary General:
Walter R. Frontera, MD, PhD
(Puerto Rico)
Costas C. Christodoulakis, MD
1st Vice President
Constant Roux, MD
(Ivory Coast)
2nd Vice President
Kai Ming Chan, MD
(Hong Kong)
3rd Vice President
Fabio Pigozzi, MD

Elected Members
of the Executive Committee

Norbert Bachl, MD
Dusan Hamar, MD, PhD
Nishat Mallick, MD
Lyle J. Micheli, MD
Anthony Parker, PhD
Patricia Sangenis, MD
Martin Schwellnus, MD
(South Africa)
John B.M. Wesseling, MD
(The Netherlands)

Standing Commissions

Education Commission
Andre Debruyne, MD

Interfederal Commission
Ernst Raas, MD

Liaison Commission
Wahid Al Kharusi, MD, PhD
(Sultanate of Oman)

Scientific Commission
Éva Martos, MD, PhD

ICSSPE Representative
Anthony Parker, PhD

IOC Representative
Patrick Schamasch, MD

UNESCO Representative
Michel Rieu, MD.PhD

About Hungarian Society of Sports Medicine


The Hungarian Society of Sports Medicine has a past history of more than 60 years, it was established in 1930 and has been operating in its present form since 1960. The activity pursued by the Hungarian Society of Sports Medicine made a great contribution to the fact that sports medicine has been an independent profession accepted since 1962 in Hungary.

At present the Society has 242 members, a management board of 17 members and a presidium of 10 members.

Every three years the Society organises the Hungarian Congress of Sports Medicine attended by foreign participants as well in various Hungarian towns. In 1991 the 6th European Congress of Sports Medicine was also organised by the Society. The development courses supported by the AENOC are also organised under the auspices of the Society.

The international relations of the Society are well reflected by the fact, that the Society itself represented in the FIMS committees and in the Executive Board of the European Federation of Sports Medicine since the establishment thereof.

The Hungarian Review of Sports Medicine - the only bilingual periodical specialized in sports medicine in Hungary - has been regularly published by the Society since 1960.

The Hungarian Society of Sports Medicine is proud of the latest manifestation of its international recognition, namely the fact that it can host the participants of the XXVII FIMS World Congress of Sports Medicine in Budapest.

Prof. Dr. Róbert Frenkl, MD

Secretary General:
Dr. Péter Jákó, MD

Dr. Éva Martos, MD.PhD

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